Complete Mezzanines
SSIP Member - CDM Competant - Eurosafe UK
ACS Glasgow
The Worlds Largest Highland Wear Company

Due to their rapid rate of growth ACS have increased their operation by adding a 1000m2 extension to their existing warehouse. Complete Mezzanines in conjunction with their partners Polymark have fully utilised the extension by installing a 950m2 multi level mezzanine and garment support structure. The structure consists of a first level decked mezzanine with 4 further levels of garment support steelwork above.
The second part of the project consists of a 250m2 extension to their existing mezzanine floor facility. Both structures have been designed to accept an additional mezzanine level.  Each conveyor support structure provides a rigid matrix from which a multi-way garment sortation system is hung.
The systems capability is as follows:

Live Storage Capacity - 8,320 garments
No of rails - 32
Max weight of garment - 6 kg
Max sortation speed for single pass - 6,750 garments per hour.
Max sortation speed for double pass using recirculation system - 2,000 garments per hour System caters for 32 routes with a maximum route size of 8,320 garments.

As an alternative 20 rails can be used for 1 sort with a 2nd sort over the remaining 12 rails. A max route size for this option would be 5,200 garments.
Pictured above is Richard Freeman, managing director, at the official opening of the new facility on the 13th May 2008 by Margaret Curran the Labour MSP for Glasgow Baillieston.