Complete Mezzanines
SSIP Member - CDM Competant - Eurosafe UK

Following an inspection by a client’s insurance company it was deemed that the level of protection of its existing storage required enhancing.  The options open to the client were to do nothing and pay a large and ongoing increase in premiums or to implement a way of accelerating the activation of the existing smoke detection and sprinkler system.

We were invited to discuss with the client and the insurers a solution involving the implementation of horizontal and vertical sheet steel baffles, engineered to fit the existing mesh safety basket below the hanging garment rails.

The strategic positioning of the baffles effectively created horizontal compartmentation of the structure which in the event of a fire would restrict the smoke from rising and cooling; thus causing the faster activation of the sprinkler heads and smoke alarms by creating a
`hot spot’ within the structure, see figure 1.
The total works involved the implementation of 21km of horizontal and vertical steel smoke / fire baffles over a period of 6 weeks whilst allowing the client to continue to operate. This was achieved by consultation and cooperation of the warehouse team allowing access to specific zones and levels. This systematic approach was controlled by our site & CDM management team ensuring minimum disruption to stock movements and maximum safety for the operatives.
Figure 1